Addiction medicine

Our medical specialists assist patients with problems arising from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit substances and/or prescription medications. The assistance provided includes primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of harm related to the use of drugs, management of acute drug-related problems, and the rehabilitation of patients who have become dependent on prescription medications and/or illicit substances.

The aim of rehabilitation is to enable patients to achieve social, occupational and family re-integration, as well as to optimise their psychological and physical functioning.

Our medical specialists work with other highly qualified professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, to provide patients with the appropriate medical and social support needed to achieve successful rehabilitation.

Pain management

Our medical specialists treat and manage chronic non-malignant pain. This includes facilitating and coordinating a multi-disciplinary treatment approach. An individualised program can include access to physiotherapy, psychologists, dieticians, nutritionists, hydrotherapy, exercise physiology and occupational therapists. We will also arrange the involvement of other appropriate medical specialists, as required. A key part of our specialists’ work is often the rationalisation of medication regimes to ensure our patients are receiving evidence-based pain relief, whilst minimising problematic side effects.

Our medical specialists also provide advice to general practitioners on their use and management of medications in the treatment of chronic pain. The aim of this service is to provide further assistance to general practitioners wanting a secondary opinion in relation to the treatment of complex chronic non-malignant pain. Common reasons for referral are when general practitioners are having difficulty stabilising a patient’s medications, when they are concerned about a patient misusing their medication or misusing other substances, or when a patient is possibly exhibiting medication-seeking behaviours.

Our associates

In assisting with both chronic pain syndromes and substance dependency disorders, our medical specialists will often refer their patients to other professionals for associated treatment.

These other services include:

  • The Wesley Hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre, which provides the Pain Management Program and the Back Rehabilitation Program. To contact the Rehabilitation Centre, phone 07 3232 6190 or
    Visit website
  • St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital’s Day Rehabilitation Centre, which provides the Persistent Pain Program as part of the Multidisciplinary Pain Service (StAMPS). To contact St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, phone 07 3834 4285 or
    Visit website
  • The Brisbane Private Hospital’s Damascus Unit. To contact the Damascus Unit, phone 07 3834 6475 or
    Visit website
  • The Banyans Healthcare Group. To contact The Banyans Specialist Clinics, phone 07 3155 3848 or
    Visit website or Visit website
  • The Medilaw Group. To contact Medilaw, phone 1300 633 452 or
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